About Trawhale

About Trawhale

Whale-come to Trawhale!

Trawhale is a travel consultancy that aims to promote travel to newer destinations with fulfilling experiences. The idea is to not get bogged down by expensive packages promoted by travel operators that only manage to give you a superficial glimpse of the destination.

At Trawhale, we understand the value of your money and the experiences that you are set to face. Our planning is in accordance with your budget, your preferences, your needs, your safety and every aspect that can help boost you trip experience to make it a memorable one.

You involvement in planning your trip (if you wish to) also plays a major role in your trip experience. Hence, you can proudly call it your own, personalized holiday.

At Trawhale, we introduce you to an alluring set of modern ideas like hostel stays, homestays, Couchsurfing, AirBnB, adventure activities, etc. each keeping in mind your preferences and members traveling along. While we take no guarantee, we attempt at providing you the best safest bet!

Your lifestyle preferences like opting to stay in 5 star hotels or the more expensive resorts, choice of flights, period of travel majorly impact your trip expenses.

We at Trawhale do our best to offer you the choicest of options to make your trip a memorable experience!